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40 Things to Give up for Lent

40 Things to Give up for Lent: The List

Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent are just around the corner. As this season of Lent approaches, many of us think about something to “give up.” Unfortunately, these things often have little impact up on our life and walk with Christ. With … [Read More...]

Are you giving something up for Lent? Discover 40 things truly worth giving up

The Right Reasons to Give Something Up for Lent

Subscribe to our weekly eDevotion This post is from the introduction of my new book, 40 Things to Give up for Lent. Available paperback, Kindle, and Google Play. It is a tradition during the season of Lent for many people to “give something up.” You may … [Read More...]

Reflections from Haiti

Reflections from Haiti

I am writing to you from Haiti this week. I am leading a mission team of 18 people to do construction work, medical work, and run a Vacation Bible School. I am proud of our team as they have done some great work. You can read our updates on our website. There … [Read More...]

Don't should on yourself

Don’t Should on Yourself

Subscribe to our weekly eDevotion How did your New Year’s resolutions go? If you made such resolutions, there is a good chance they did not go so well. Very few people follow through on their New Year’s resolutions. We are only 2 weeks into the New … [Read More...]

Creating Sacred Spaces

When God Doesn’t Answer

Subscribe to our weekly eDevotion Sometimes we make a request from God, but the answer does not come. We wonder if God is listening. We wonder if he is there. We wonder why he does not answer. Life is more about the journey than the destination. I was … [Read More...]