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Haiti Mission Team from Good Shepherd Old Bridge Begins Preparations

Haiti Mission Team Preparation Begins

Donate to Support a Team Member Good Shepherd Church of Old Bridge is sending a mission team to Haiti in January 2015. This team consists of 19 people from 3 churches in 2 different states. It is truly a kingdom of God movement. Our team will be meeting on a … [Read More...]

Proving God: Superhero Series (1 Kings 18:20-40)

Proving God (Superhero Series)

Subscribe to our weekly eDevotion We live in a world of doubt, skepticism, and relativism. While most people claim a belief in a “higher power,” they do not necessarily accept that “higher power” as the God of the Bible revealed in … [Read More...]

Heal Our Land (Superhero Series Part 7)

Heal Our Land (Superhero Series Part 7)

Subscribe to our weekly eDevotion This weekend past weekend we celebrated our American independence. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. What a great place to live! Yet, we have our share of problems. We see gun violence in our cities and … [Read More...]

When Faith is Put to the Test: Superhero Series Part 6

When Faith is Put to the Test

Subscribe to our weekly eDevotion With every decision we make, our faith is put to the test. We typically make decisions based upon what we think is best. The question is: do we believe God that what he says is right and true? Do we believe him that his way … [Read More...]

What do you want God to do for you? Superhero Series Part 5

What Do You Want God to Do for You?

The task was impossible. The walls of the city of Jericho loomed some 50 feet high into the air. How would God ever fulfill his promise? The story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho is recorded in Joshua 6:1–21. I encourage you to check it … [Read More...]